5 Swimming Pool Trends: Our Pool Service Plano TX Specialists’ Top Picks

Long gone are the days when our swimming pools were basic looking, white and rectangular. Just like landscape architecture, an art and a science, swimming pool remodeling and construction reached new peaks of creativity, beautifully combining aesthetics and functionality. The pool becomes more and more a centerpiece feature on any property, extending the concept of outdoor living space and turning into a space in its own rights where people can relax, enjoy some sun, have a dinner or throw a party. Today, our pool service Plano TX experts have chosen five interesting pool remodeling and maintenance trends you might want to take a closer look at.

1. More Interesting Finish Materials

As we said, long gone are the days when swimming pools were only finished with white plaster. Making your pool unique and integrating it into the overall landscape design is a trend embraced by many homeowners who consider the pool more than a mere accessory. Our pool service Plano TX specialists have identified glass and mosaic tiles, pebble surfaces and stones, aggregate pool finish and upgraded liners as the most dominant materials to finish modern and outstanding swimming pools. Of course, the use of such materials also comes with specific pool maintenance requirements, but our pool service Plano TX experts can give you a hand with everything should you choose a pool remodeling project to focus on this year.

2. Saltwater Chlorination

We have approached this topic before in one of our recent articles, but we can’t overlook the popularity of this trend in the pool service industry. If you want to learn more about salt chlorination and the use of saltwater to eliminate chlorine from your pool, have a chat with our pool service Plano TX experts. Suffice to say, saltwater chlorination offers the pool a more natural feel, reducing the need to use chemicals.

3. Fire and Water Do Come Together

One doesn’t have to be an expert architect or an experienced pool service provider to understand the surprising beauty and utility of mixing fire with water features. One of the most interesting pool trends identified by our pool service Plano TX experts is the perfect blending of fire pits and fire places with modern swimming pools. The combination of such elements is not new, but the trend skyrocketed in the past years as bringing a fireplace in the pool area is ingenious to say the least. Besides the highly contemporary and tasteful look it brings to the pool area, a fire pit or fire place can extend the outdoor living space in a natural manner. You can thus prolong the backyard season long into the cooler season and enjoy the fascinating reflection of fire light on the water surface.

4. Built-In Features

As maintenance goes, the more built-in features your pool has the more expert care it needs. Fortunately, our pool service Plano TX specialists are more than qualified to keep your pool and all built-ins in perfect shape. Getting a swim or a tan in your backyard is a pleasurable thing, but today’s trends go beyond these simple functions. There is an emerging request for pool tanning ledges, steps or beach entries, in-water table and benches or in-water bars, or kids’ play ledges among others.

5. Automation and Energy Efficient Features

We do live in a hi-tech world – automation, IoT principles and energy efficient features are present all over peoples’ landscapes (think about deicing electrical systems, smart irrigation systems and so on). It was, thus, only natural that such hi-tech efficiency-focused approaches to cover also swimming pools’ functionality. Many people are trying to save money and energy; this is why energy-efficient pool pumps and heaters are all the rage right now. Automation of pumps and heaters and solar covers to reduce evaporation are among the most appraised methods to turn the pool into a “smart” one.

In case you are interested in more details regarding these trends, ask your local pool service Plano TX specialists. They can surely offer you the explanations you need to re-think your pool this year.