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Pool Landscaping Plants: Pool Cleaning Plano TX Experts’ Tips

Pool landscaping with plants and ornamentals is not an easy feat, but it is worth every penny. Adding plants for poolside landscaping turns the entire area into a lush corner of paradise that you can enjoy for months. But our pool cleaning Plano TX experts advise you to choose your pool landscaping ornamentals carefully: they need to be resilient to being splashed with water chlorine and other pool chemicals, they need to resist the humidity generated by pool water, and they need to withstand the scorching sun and so on. In other words, for a heavenly poolside you need to choose hardy plants that adapt fast to your pool’s microclimate, need little maintenance, and look gorgeous all season long. Let’s see what our pool cleaning Plano TX specialists recommend! Continue reading “Pool Landscaping Plants: Pool Cleaning Plano TX Experts’ Tips”

4 Tips to Keep Your Pool Pristine in summer from our Pool Cleaning Coppel TX Experts

Owning and enjoying a pool all summer long is a pride and a privilege for all Texan pool owners. Maintaining and cleaning the pool on the other hand are veritable daily or weekly hard jobs. Of course, you have to skim the pool surface every day and scrub the sides of the pool at least once a week. You need to regularly check up the filters and clean them; you need to balance the chemicals in the pool constantly and keep the pool area clean and tidy at all costs. These tasks are usually performed by your pool cleaning Coppel TX experts. But in between two of their visits, let’s see some tips and tricks you can use to keep your pool not only good looking, but healthy and functional. Continue reading “4 Tips to Keep Your Pool Pristine in summer from our Pool Cleaning Coppel TX Experts”

The Pool and the Giant Water Bug: Pool Cleaning Plano, TX Experts Share Their Tips

There is nothing worth living for more than enjoying your pool all summer long and defy the Texan heat together with friends and family. Pool parties and night swims are a dream came true for most Texan pool owners and for all the right reasons. But how would you feel to encounter an alien-looking creature enjoying your pool more than you do, especially at night? Texas is the home of some nasty, weird and resilient pests, but few compare with the Giant Water Bug. Our pool cleaning Plano, TX experts are here today to give you a crash course on this horrendous creature you need to keep an eye on, as it lurks around all water features on a property and can bite the soul out of you. Continue reading “The Pool and the Giant Water Bug: Pool Cleaning Plano, TX Experts Share Their Tips”

5 Swimming Pool Trends: Our Pool Service Plano TX Specialists’ Top Picks

Long gone are the days when our swimming pools were basic looking, white and rectangular. Just like landscape architecture, an art and a science, swimming pool remodeling and construction reached new peaks of creativity, beautifully combining aesthetics and functionality. The pool becomes more and more a centerpiece feature on any property, extending the concept of outdoor living space and turning into a space in its own rights where people can relax, enjoy some sun, have a dinner or throw a party. Today, our pool service Plano TX experts have chosen five interesting pool remodeling and maintenance trends you might want to take a closer look at. Continue reading “5 Swimming Pool Trends: Our Pool Service Plano TX Specialists’ Top Picks”

What Are The Differences Between Pool Filter Types?

There are three different types of pool filters you will come across when dealing with a swimming pool. The filter is used together with your pool pump, which allows water to pass through before re-entering the pool. The filters you will run into, at one point or another, will be cartridge, diatomaceous earth (D.E.) and sand filters. It is suggested to get a proper sized filter because sizing the filter correctly to the application of your pool will provide with the ultimate filtering power possible. Depending on your location of residence, certain filter types should be used in favor over others. Make sure to speak to a local pool professional near you or give us a call at All-Tex Pools to ensure the proper filter type and size is being used for your backyard swimming pool. As with everything else in life, each type of filter has its pros and cons. However, when used properly, each filter type can do a remarkable job at keeping your pool nice and clean.
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The Complete Story of Salt Chlorination

A recent most common trend in the swimming pool industry over the last few years has been the popularity of saltwater swimming pools systems. Many questions about saltwater swimming pools have been inundated on us in the swimming pool industry. Hopefully this information will help give better information on a salt water pool.

What is a saltwater pool?

A saltwater pool is a pool which has a chlorine generator that provides on-site production of chlorine.
Chlorine generators reduce the need to purchase and apply chlorine to your pool on a regular basis. Basically, instead of adding chlorine on a regular basis, you add salt periodically when the salinity is lowered due to addition of fresh water, which is converted to chlorine.
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