Pool Landscaping Plants: Pool Cleaning Plano TX Experts’ Tips

Pool landscaping with plants and ornamentals is not an easy feat, but it is worth every penny. Adding plants for poolside landscaping turns the entire area into a lush corner of paradise that you can enjoy for months. But our pool cleaning Plano TX experts advise you to choose your pool landscaping ornamentals carefully: they need to be resilient to being splashed with water chlorine and other pool chemicals, they need to resist the humidity generated by pool water, and they need to withstand the scorching sun and so on. In other words, for a heavenly poolside you need to choose hardy plants that adapt fast to your pool’s microclimate, need little maintenance, and look gorgeous all season long. Let’s see what our pool cleaning Plano TX specialists recommend!

1. Red Yucca

This gorgeous red ornamental shrub comes with grass-like leaves, red flowering stalks, and an entire show of amazing colors from May to October. It is easy to care for and offers your poolside an amazing look that you need to care little about.

2. Zebra Grass

Also known as porcupine grass, this is an ornamental grass that goes amazingly well with pools. They create a striking form day and night, blending in perfectly with the other ornamentals you choose. You can only choose zebra grass as a poolside landscaping plant as well. It grows quickly, it is not too messy, and comes with those beautiful horizontal straps that will give your pool an exotic, tropical look and feel. It is rich, lush, needs little maintenance, it is resistant to pool water, and makes perhaps the cheapest and most attractive pool plant you can possibly imagine.

3. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet loves Texas and its climate – this is why it spoils us with its unbelievable scent and its heaven-sent flower shapes. You can grow it as an ornamental shrub or tree. Make sure you have a chat with your pool cleaning Plano TX experts and perhaps your lawn care team to make sure Brugmansia doesn’t get too much scorching sunlight. Otherwise, if you enjoy a late evening poolside relaxation moment, the ornamental’s scent will make you believe you reached heaven on Earth.

4. Azaleas

They can grow quite big, so for poolside landscaping it is better to have azaleas planted in the back of a bed or used as a hedge. Otherwise, they make incredible poolside landscaping ornamentals as they are very low maintenance; they look amazing and turn your entire pool area into something you’d like to see on the front cover of a design magazine.

5. Monkey Grass

Not all pool owners placed their pools in the sunniest area on the property. Sometimes some shade is quite welcomed. Unfortunately, not many plants or ornamentals enjoy prolonged shade. This is where the Monkey Grass comes in: it is beautiful, low maintenance and will grow in those shady portions of your pool area where other plants won’t.

Ask your pool cleaning Plano TX team about more plants you can use to create a poolside landscape to become your favorite spot on your property!