The Pool and the Giant Water Bug: Pool Cleaning Plano, TX Experts Share Their Tips

There is nothing worth living for more than enjoying your pool all summer long and defy the Texan heat together with friends and family. Pool parties and night swims are a dream came true for most Texan pool owners and for all the right reasons. But how would you feel to encounter an alien-looking creature enjoying your pool more than you do, especially at night? Texas is the home of some nasty, weird and resilient pests, but few compare with the Giant Water Bug. Our pool cleaning Plano, TX experts are here today to give you a crash course on this horrendous creature you need to keep an eye on, as it lurks around all water features on a property and can bite the soul out of you.

What Is the Giant Water Bug?

As its name says, this is a water loving bug. A sick joke made by Mother Nature, the creature is more than 4 inches long. Luckily for the U.S. and Canada, the largest species of water bugs live among us and they feel at home in Texas. They belong to the Hemiptera order, also known as the “true bugs”. The largest of its family, the Giant Water Bug looks horrific, lives around sources of water (pools, ponds, fountains etc), it breathes under water through its behind, carries its own oxygen supply, it preys on everything from small insects to wildlife and it is also called the “Toe Biter”.

How Bad Is It to Have The Giant Water Bug Around?

Our pool cleaning Plano, TX experts don’t consider this bug to be beneficial – although it feeds on mosquito larvae and adults. It will get you rid of most water-loving pests, but the bug’s major problem is that it doesn’t discriminate against any sources of food. It is a fierce predator so it can feed on fish, crustaceans, amphibians, salamanders and tadpoles. It can hunt, kill and eat an animal 50 times its size, so if you also have a fish pond, your pets may fall collateral victims.

How is the Giant Water Bug a Threat to Pool Owners?

Well, it won’t be a problem if you wear shoes at all times near the pool, give up on your pool night parties or late evening swims, don’t let the kids out to play by the pool and generally avoid crossing the pool area in the evening. The Giant Water Bug is also nicknamed the Electric Bug. This eyesore is attracted to pool lights, garden, porch, driveway, and patio lamps, or the parking lot and everything else’s electric lights. It will have a blast at your pool especially if it is well lit at night. If it feels threatened, it will also bite your toes, hence its aforementioned nickname. While the bite isn’t medically dangerous, it hurts and can lead to problems in children, elders or adults suffering from allergies or skin sensitivity.

You don’t want to have a pool party and notice these uninvited guests mingle with your friends and you will certainly lose your appetite if you see this freak of nature lurking around your dinner table in a hot summer night.

In case you encounter the Giant Water Bugs on your property or nearby your pool and leisure areas, don’t engage them. Call your pool cleaning Plano, TX specialists and pest control technicians and let them safely get you rid of this monstrosity.